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Product Development

The market is seeing an increased demand in complete solutions and finished or ready-made products, made to mount in final products or to be used out-of-the-box. Bandi is offering a variety of alternatives in terms of finishing or ready-making, as well as a broad material supply. We can tailor products and solutions completely from our customers' demands. Our able sales personnel can, together with our Competence & Development Center, offer an innovative development support for the work process were we ensures that the quality of the product meets the expected demands and requirements regarding properties and functions.

Our product development is largely need-oriented, where we collaborate with the client to find the best solution for current needs. Making use of modern fibers to produce strong tapes for industrial applications where weight is an important factor, or manufacture technical textile tapes with elasticity and longevity for medical purposes is examples of former product developments that has taken place.


Our production today consists of about 80% customised articles, produced directly on behalf of our customers. Customised articles means that the final product is adapted to specific requirements or environments. In these cases special yarns are often needed, such as Kevlar®, carbon fiber, fiberglass, polyethylene and Nomex®. Used solely or in combination with standard yarns. Additional modifications can be made based on customer requirements, such as finishing, pre- and post-treatment and ready-making. Thanks to our wide range of woven and braided narrow textiles, VELCRO® Brand hook-and-loop fasteners and Duraflex® buckles we can offer unique possibilities of product development.


we can offer unique possibilities of finishing as well as pre- and post-treatment. For example, customised colour and dyeing, infrared treatment, water repellent treatment, flame retardant treatment and antistatic treatment.

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We also offer numerous possibilities of ready-making. For example, thermofixation, heat and cold cut, hole punching, sewing, assembly and custom packaging.

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Work process and typical production flow

Bandis Competence & Development Center contains of personnel with broad experience and modern technical textile knowledge. Together with our sales team and production management they bring out the conditions needed to solve and meet current demands.

  • Ideas and drafts becomes working prototypes that is tested for quality and function to ensure they meet our and our clients high demands. We test all materials, products and solutions thoroughly in laboratories as well as in authentic environments and conditions.
  • When quality complies with specifications the product is put to fabrication. Products are mainly made in our factory in Kumla, as well as most of the finishing and customisation. We perform thorough controls and production follows SS-EN ISO 9001 Standard. Raw materials is mostly purchased in advance for quality control and warehousing which ensures swift and flexible production, dyeing and pretreatment.
  • Normal procedure is instant delivery to clients. If desired and agreed upon we can stock final products and product series for partial deliveries and postponed fullfillment.
  • Delivery is always handled by well-known and secure shippers.