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Our Customer Support receive many questions and here we have compiled the most common ones and their answers. If you still can't find the answers you are looking for, welcome to contact our Customer Support. Expand and minimize the categories by clicking on them.


Can anyone make a purchase from Bandi?

Customers in Sweden must be eligible for F-tax. Customers within the EU must have a registered VAT-number. Customers outside EU must be a registered and entrusted company.

How do I sign up for your newsletter?

The easiest way to sign up for our newsletter is by using the sign up form available here on the website. You can also contact our customer service and we will help you.

Why do I not receive a newsletter even though I signed up for it?

Make sure it is not in the spam folder. Also check that you have received the confirmation email and clicked on the link in it, otherwise the subscription will not be completed. Do you have a spam filter active? If so, please make sure the settings there accepts the newsletter. If you still can't figure out why you do not receive our newsletter contact us for further assistance.

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

Sorry to see you go! But if you want to unsubscribe to our newsletter it is easy. You can either click the link in the newsletter or contact our Customer Support.


Where are the textile tapes produced?

Bandi produce all textile tapes and narrow fabrics in Kumla, just south of Örebro in the heart of Sweden. Located in Kumla is also our embroidery, weaving mill and dye house.

Can I get Bandi textile tapes in any colour?

Yes, in most cases. We can offer both specific yarn colours and custom dyeing based on your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Do you produce flame-retardant tapes?

Yes, we produce flame-retardant products on order.

Do you produce water repellent tapes?

Yes, we offer a wide range of finishing and ready-making services. That includes water repellent products on order.

What kind of finishing options, treatments and ready-making services do you offer?

We offer customised colour and dyeing, infrared treatment, water repellent treatment, flame retardant treatment, antistatic treatment, thermofixation, heat and cold cut, hole punching, sewing, assembly and custom packaging. Contact us for more information.


What is the minimum quantity when I make a special order for a textile tape?

The minimum quantity for a special order is 2000 meters. A special order is when we make a custom tape for a customer.

What is the minimum quantity when placing an order on standard textile tapes?

Minimum quantity when ordering a standard textile tape is 100 meters per article, assumed the total order amount exceeds 1.000 SEK. This does not apply to webshop orders.

What is the minimum quantity when ordering ready-made products?

Minimum quantity when ordering a ready-made product varies depending on materials and design. For more information please contact a sales representative.

What is the minimum order value?

The minimum order value is 1.000 SEK. The same minimum applies for orders exported abroad, but then converted to the destinations local currency. However, this does not apply to standard products ordered through our webshop. Orders online has no limit in order value.


Can anyone use Bandi's webshop?

You must be registered as a customer with us and have an account on the webshop activated. Only then can you see prices, add items to the cart and complete an order. Use the contact form or reach out to our Customer Support if you request an account.

What payment options do you offer in the webshop?

The same regular payment options apply in the webshop. In accordance with our conditions of sale.

Do I get any order confirmation?

When you receive the receipt on screen, you know that we have received your order. At the same the system will send you a confirmation e-mail to the address you provided when registering. We recommend that you print the receipt and archive for later.

What delivery options do you offer on the webshop?

Unless otherwise stated, orders are shipped immediately from our warehouse, and in accordance with our conditions of sale.


Our general documents and image files are available for download. Expand and minimize the categories by clicking on them. Then click on the specific document link and the download will start.


Documents for download

You might need Adobe Reader to view and print these documents. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it here. Please contact us for approval if you intend to publish or otherwise forward these documents.

Basic Colour Chart (PDF-file)

Conditions of sale (PDF-file)

ISO Certificate (PDF-file)

Policy documents

Policy documents for download

You might need Adobe Reader to view and print these documents. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, you can download it here. Please contact us for approval if you intend to publish or otherwise forward these documents.

Privacy Policy (PDF-file)

Environmental Policy (PDF-file)

Quality Policy (PDF-file)


Images for download

Please contact us for approval if you intend to publish or otherwise forward these images.

Bandi logo (JPG-file)

Bandi logo (EPS-file)

2GO logo (JPG-file)

2GO logo (EPS-file)

Woodroe logo (JPG-file)

Woodroe logo (EPS-file)

Conditions of sale

Check on delivery

1. Check on delivery

Bandi's products are used extensively by the ready made clothing and other manufacturing industries. As the value of the Bandi material supplied normally constitutes a small part of the commodity value of the finished product, defects affecting the goods delivered by Bandi cannot be accepted as grounds for consequential damage or loss. It is therefore incumbent upon the purchaser, at his own risk and expense, to make a careful check to see whether the goods are free from defects and are suitable for the use for which they are intended. The same obligation is also incumbent upon a purchaser who intends to resell the goods to the consumer or other buyer. The check must be carried out within a reasonable time after receipt and must cover all the properties relevant for the purchaser such as fastness of colour, degree of shrinkage and resistance to strain and wear and tear. All indications of measurement given by Bandi shall be subject to a tolerance of plus or minus five per cent.

Liability for defects

2. Restricted liability for defects and right of cancellation

Defects should normally be verified when carrying out the check on delivery as mentioned in Clause 1 above. Bandi's liability for defects in goods supplied will therefore be restricted, at Bandi's option, to a reduction in price corresponding to any such defect or to a replacement delivery of goods free from defects. Only if the replacement delivery is also affected by essential defects shall the purchaser be entitled to cancel the order. If the damage or loss should have arisen as a direct consequence of the fact that the defect has been caused by gross negligence on Bandi's part, then such damage or loss shall give entitlement to compensation. In other cases Bandi shall not be liable, apart from what is stated above, for damage or loss caused to the purchaser by defects in material supplied by Bandi.

Liability for special products

3. Limitation of liability for special products

Bandi shall not be liable for the functioning and strength of sewing thread, touch-and-close fasteners or buckles, clasps, buttons and other articles purchased by Bandi from other makers as complements to ribbon and webbing products. If the purchaser has satisfactorily specified his requirements in the matter of functioning or strength Bandi can on request provide a definite written guarantee in that respect.

Liability for delay

4. Restricted liability for delay and right of cancellation

The purchaser shall not be entitled to compensation for failure to deliver or for delayed delivery where delivery is prevented or made difficult in consequence of unforeseen circumstanses beyond Bandi's control such as war, authorised or unauthorised labour market conflicts, damage to machines or other manufacturing facilities used by Bandi, shortages of raw materials or labour, failure to deliver on the part of Bandi's subcontractors, or traffic or transport difficulties. Bandis's obligation to deliver shall disappear entirely if fulfilment thereof should unexpectedly become burdensome for Bandi in consequence of any of the aforementioned occurrences or by changes in foreign exchange rates, prices of raw materials or other preconditions on which Bandi's delivery commitments and prices are based. In the event of established delay the purchaser may demand delivery and if delivery is not made within one month after such demand and if the goods can be purchased for earlier delivery from another supplier, the purchaser shall have the right to cancel the order. Bandi shall be under an obligation to compensate the purchaser for any loss or damage occasioned by the delay only where it is caused by gross negligence on Bandi's part.


5. Claims

The purchaser shall carry out the check on delivery in accordance with Clause 1 within a reasonable time after delivery is effected. Complaints relating to merchandise shall be lodged within eight days after delivery.

Delivery conditions

6. Delivery conditions

If nothing else agreed delivery shall be carried out Ex Works Bandi according to Incoterms 2010. Extra expenses occasioned by other means of delivery shall be refunded by the purchaser. Unless Bandi has promised credit, payment shall be made in cash on delivery.


7. Conditions regarding cancellation

If the purchaser should fail to fulfil the aforementioned obligation towards Bandi as regards payment at the proper time, Bandi shall be entitled to cancel the order. In that case Bandi shall be entitled to recover goods delivered to the purchaser. Right of cancellation for certain deliveries shall exist even where the delay in payment relates to other deliveries to the same purchaser or to other relationships that have given rise to an obligation concerning payment to Bandi by the purchaser.

Discrepancies in quantities

8. Discrepancies in quantities and right to withdraw

Where no exact quantity has been guaranteed Bandi shall be entitled to depart from the agreed quantity for certain deliveries to the extent of 10 per cent for each separate product. Bandi shall be entitled to withdraw from the sales contract within 14 days after the purchaser's binding order if the goods ordered are not in stock and there are no plans to manufacture them. If Bandi withdraw from any sales contract the purchaser shall be notified as quickly as possible.


9. Litigation and applicable law

Any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with these conditions of sale and related issues between the parties, or the breach, termination or invalidity thereof, shall be settled by the District Court of Örebro ("Örebro tingsrätt") in the first instance and applying Swedish material law.